Working groups established to focus on specific areas of suicide prevention

The Suicide Prevention Collaborative has established five Working Groups, each focused on a specific area of suicide prevention.

The focus areas are:

  1. Health interventions
  2. Community interventions
  3. School interventions
  4. Data driven suicide prevention
  5. Aboriginal suicide prevention.

The Working Groups will involve a range of services and sectors as well as people with their own personal experiences of suicide and mental health recovery.

Over the next 4-6 months, the Working Groups will develop detailed and practical plans for how to implement various evidence-based suicide prevention strategies across the region. They will be expected to ensure these strategies reach those at highest risk of suicide, including men, Aboriginal communities, older and younger people, and the LGBTI communities.

There are a number of people who are contributing to more than one Working Group, which will help ensure the plans developed by each Working Group complement the efforts of the others. Only by implementing all strategies in a systematic way such as this will we be able to achieve a significant and sustainable reduction in suicides.

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